Healers for Heroes


Detroit VA Medical Center came to us and we were tasked with creating a new identity system that not only captures the core values of the Detroit VA Medical Facility but also addresses the needs of the hospital’s dedicated patients and staff.

Key message

At Detroit VA, everyone is a hero.

We Care is about the patient experience to receiving the care they deserve. We Connect aims to connect doctors to patients, veterans to veterans, and to outreach and inform. We Celebrate is about celebrating members of the veteran community and all employees.

general infos
Sep-Dec, 2023
Presentation, Iconography,
Art Direction, Motion

Brand Identity


Adriana Flores, Julia St. Aubin,
Jenna Sturges

With Detroit VA, excellent healthcare means
prioritizing accessibility, equality & diversity.

Applying the core values of National VA, we created a mark as an interpretation of the National VA’s seal.

We wanted to encapsulate the seal’s sense of pridefulness and honor, then took inspiration from the chevron as a way of communicating that sense of connection and camaraderie through service.

The System:
At Detroit VA, everyone is a hero.

Our brand design language aims to promote care by prioritizing accessibility, to promote connection by unifying different working parts of the VA, and to celebrate with the brand’s bright colors and star motif.

As a part of our color palette, we adopted the national navy blue to strengthen the VA brand. Inspired by the Spirit of Detroit, we chose a teal and yellow as the Detroit VA’s main colors. Our color palette is designed to be accessibility friendly.

The identity variations:
From Detroit to different towns

The logo system then becomes a part of a system used to identify different VA facilities in different cities/towns with their own color signature, such as Ann Arbor, Royal Oak, etc.

Using the angle of the eagle’s wing, we developed a diagonal–based grid, from which patterns could be created.

From photography method to street billboards
Honoring the people.

We added a blue tint to the background to create a sense of unity, and kept the subject matter in full color, with a light touch of our medium blue to highlight the human element in every image.

This treatment creates a candid, positive, and inspiring feeling, which then is paired with our bright patterns to make bold, eye-catching advertisements.

The everyone-iconography

Our icons are designed to be accessible for every patient & staff member, no matter who they are. Inspired by the most common icons that are widely used in hospitals, we gave it a little touch of sharp edge to fit well with the system.

Brand Applications:
Welcome to Detroit VA

In the final steps, we extended our brand applications to include outreach, hospital wear, patient care, and more. The primary goal is to create a delightful and welcoming experience for everyone coming to the VA: from patients, staff to family members.

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