Nike Seasonal Collection:
The Beauty of Movement


Gymnastics specifically, and aesthetic sports in general, are facing skepticism about being considered true "sports" due to subjective judging criteria that cannot be measured objectively, like in soccer or basketball. This presents a great opportunity for Nike, with its mission to "Bring inspiration and innovation to everybody in the world," to create a seasonal collection that celebrates the beauty of aesthetic sports.


For this project, I aim to broaden the scope to include a variety of aesthetic sports and highlight their beauty. Additionally, it will be essential to consider innovative ideas for launching this new collection by Nike.

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Jan 30 - Feb 8, 2022

Apparel Graphic Design


Inspiration from article

The innovation of tech in apparel graphic design

Motion Tracking method is currently being researched and developed a lot. It assists in tracking the movement of objects and transferring the sensed data to an application for further processing, and the developer can customize the output data based on reference.

Sources: Behance, OpenProcessing

For this project, I used Motion Tracking method to create the output of the Gymnastic athlete as well as the primary visual element. This data visualization not only provides an organic POV to see the beauty of active movements but also an innovative strategy for Nike to incorporate in their apparel graphic design process.

Following from that concept, I found that it's interesting to have the primary color palette inspired from the human heat maps fluctuating when emotions change.

The movement of typography

My typography layout was inspired by the aesthetic shapes of the athletes to create the organic and natural feelings of this beautiful sport.

Next steps

For this project, I wanted to expand to different aesthetic sports and the beauty of them, not just only gymnastic. Moreover, it will be crucial to think about some ideas about how Nike can launch this new collection.

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