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Paula’s Choice was one of the world’s first online beauty brands since 1995, and it has done what nobody in the beauty industry has - told the truth about their products as well as their formula & ingredients. The brand needs a customer service app to help them bring the "Smart & Safe Beauty" mission closer to their customers.


Paula’s Choice first mobile app is an effective resource available not only to address all skincare needs of all ages, types, or concerns, but also help users have a clear knowledge of their products before purchasing them.

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Jan-March, 2022
UX/UI Designer

Customer Service on Mobile


Professor: Grant Boufford

What does my skin need?

The skincare routine is considered as complicated because people usually don't understand or know what brand to buy, what they absolutely need, what is optional, and in what order to apply it. I created Your Skin app to make Paula's Choice's consumers' skincare routine much easier.

Gen Z - The new generation of  skincare experience

While searching about Paula's Choice, I found out that with its smart, safe and transparent mission, the brand also resonates with Gen Z’s behavior when giving their loyalty to a brand. Several researchs also noted that many current retail trends are being driven by Gen Z, and this is also the generation that spends more money on skincare, often buying through online channels.

What can be learned from the competitors?

Meanwhile, throughout my competitor research, Paula’s Choice competes against many extremely popular skincare brands. Some of the features that other online beauty brands offer but not Paula’s Choice are specific discount policies, memberships, free return policies, etc.

In order to stay different from those, Paula's Choice needs to improve its customer service to maintain their loyalty in a more valuable, and personal-related way.

The New Era of Personalized Beauty

I realized that information about skincare products now too generic, but brands only focus on selling the products using "one-size-fits-all terms" without answering the question "why." To solve this problem, I conducted some quick interviews with my friends to see users' perspectives and dive deep into the current insight I had.

Pain Points

From a beginner to an expert in skincare, Your Skin mobile app is designed to answer all skin-related questions:

Paula The User

How Your Skin works

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Key Features

1. understand your skin


The app provides users a detailed report about each product and its ingredients so users can have a clear point of view about what are they using and how does it benefit their skin.


The app's instantly real-time response feature is available to let people schedule 1-1 meeting and talk with the right skin expert to solve all of their concerns.

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