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Research has shown that names that are difficult to pronounce, particularly from the perspective of native English speakers, can lead to disadvantages in life, such as job applications, rental applications, and various other areas.

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Jan-Mar, 2023
Art Director
Lead Designer

Integrated campaign


Mentor: Bao Anh Bui Nguyen
Copywriters: Ha Dam, Duy (Le) Nguyen
Researcher: Duy (Thanh) Nguyen
Video editor: Minh Tran
Motion Support: Quang Dao

Case Study Video

Insight: The "hidden" culture behind "hidden" names

In many communities worldwide, particularly in Asian cultures, names carry deep meaning, representing heritage, connecting generations, and reflecting ethnicity and spirit.

However, many people face pressure to "Anglicize" their names to fit in, often due to discrimination in different areas like job hunting. This experience can lead to feelings of unease and internal conflict, as individuals grapple with their names and sense of belonging.

Solution: #ReclaimOurNames

The campaign kicks off with a series of interactive billboards featuring the most common anglicized names: Tony, Mary, Kevin, Jessica, Tom, etc.

By setting up these billboards in public spaces, we give those who have these anglicized names a chance to reclaim their real names identities.

Google Lens:
Uncover the "hidden" culture via technology

While signing their names on the billboard, the user can access to our website “Museum Of Names" to train our customized AI system how to pronounce their names.

As a result, when scanning a name on the billboard with Google Lens, you will both get to see the real “name," learn how to pronounce it right, and the culture/meaning behind each name.
Share Your Stories

Share your Stories, your Challenges, your Experience and celebrate your Name as well as your authentic Identities.

"Reclaim Your Name" to learn about the meaning behind the names but also gives people the right to generate their own customized and personalized typeface presenting their names.
Call me by my Name

A collection of digital stories with interesting facts about names that people can later share on their social media, such as Facebook or Instagram

Why "Mynerve"?
It's a sense of liberation

The visual language is based upon the idea of liberation. We draw inspiration from the most "common" yet "subtle" occasions of name discrimination (easy-to-pronounce names while ordering food; job application; rental application, etc).

We would like to foster a sense of liberation, revolution, and freedom by using a handwriting font in contrast to the "seriousness" of official documents like power bills and application forms

GOOLGE MYNERVE was utilized as it is the handwriting font that can support up to 219 Latin based languages.

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