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2022 Summer, as an Art Director Intern at PUSH 22 - a full-service advertising agency in Farmington Hills, MI, I had chances to work on not only commercial design projects but also redesigning their website for rebranding purposes and more effective client engagement.

My internship at PUSH 22 was when I developed my interest in user-centered design. I came up with the idea to redesign their website and proposed it directly to the Creative Director and got his approval to execute.


My internship ended when the project was still in early stages of conception, so my role was sketching wireframes and proposing different designed prototypes for the new Home Page.

I was in the team including 1 Executive Creative Director, 2 Associate Creative Director, 1 Senior Designer. Based on feedback from 10+ meetings, I proposed 50+ prototypes for their new homepage and some of my design are applied into their new website now:

general infos
June-Aug, 2022
Homepage Designer
Brand Designer

After Effects


Chris Halas
Rob Wilkie
Laura White
Kristen Doll, and everyone at PUSH 22 for believing in me.

The Process:
First Project putting myself as a user.

My process included steps when I started my first user-centered design project until the last day of my internship when it was still in the very first stages. I learned about the process of putting myself as a user as well as the representation of PUSH 22, from doing research, making information architecture, creating wireframes and visual elements, etc.

New Design Approach from current Pain Points

The old website of PUSH 22 was having some primary pain points leading to ineffective user reach and client engagement: too many elements on the nav bar, unfriendly and blocky interface. I collected and simplified them into main problems and came up with potential solutions:

Simple Navigation Bar.
Simple User Flow

I explored a variety of options with the goal to keep the same amount of content but just re-categorize to make them simpler, not too overwhelmed for new visitors.

First good impression: Hero Section

I came up with different options for hero sections -> Reel highlighting PUSH 22’s works so visitors have a brief overview about the provided services

Consistent Branding. Consistent Story.

I came up with different options for hero sections -> Reel highlighting PUSH 22’s works so visitors have a brief overview about the provided services

From ideas to new published website

Here are my designs that has been implemented in their current website right now, including: Navigation Bar, Hero Reels, Team Sliding (Check it out HERE). I left when it was in the early stages of the process but I’m also rlly proud that some of my ideas and explorations are being used.

Some of my working progress in Figma, getting feedbacks from the team to keep refining.

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